Linda Kolaříková

Data Protection Intellectual Property Law Corporate Law

At an early age, I felt a strong pull toward law, which excluded me from my technically oriented family. To this day I have no regrets; the legal world fascinates me. All the more so when combined with modern technology, which has the potential to really change the world today. It just needs to be - with the help of the law-oriented towards people and their interests and rights in order for it to be a change for the better.

I believe in honesty, quality, but also immediacy and innovation. That is why I left the environment of international law firms and took the untrodden path.

I believe there is beauty in simplicity, and I admire sophisticated directness in law, technology, and other fields.

What I do within the firm:

  • Corporate law
  • Financial services and regulatory, including consumer protection and privacy
  • New technologies, data and digital economy
  • Knowledge management and publishing


Keep it simple
Publishing activities