Adam Škarka

Zdravotnické právo Softwarové právo Ochrana osobních údajů

During my studies, I was doing international marketing for Masaryk University and later, while interning at a law firm, I got the opportunity to manage a project on data protection. This project brought many challenges, sleepless nights, and countless experiences. I was able to work with large clients and manage GDPR implementation projects on the business, legal and procedural side. We also programmed our own application, which then helped clients with the creation of documentation directly. The experience I gained back then opened the way to IT law, data protection, healthcare, and social services for me.

I believe that law should have an overlap and should help. A lawyer is not just a clerk who simply drafts a requested document, he must understand its purpose, the client and their needs, and should also think about compliance and procedural implementation of proposed solutions.

What do I do in the office:

  • Software/IT law
  • GDPR
  • Medical law and Social services


What is supposed to happen, will happen.