Jiří Nezdařil

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I'm both a doctor and a lawyer. Doctors often think differently and see the world through different eyes. The legal world included. That's why I help doctors manage the day-to-day legal challenges that medical practice brings (including employment law, disputes with patients and insurance companies).
I moved to law gradually over time. I primarily feel like a doctor, as I obtained my first board certification in surgery. Thus, I combine the work of a surgeon and a lawyer. This helps me to be even closer to healthcare and to understand the problems of this discipline. It then allows my colleagues to gain the professional overlap that doctors so often lack in lawyers. Together, we make a great team that is closer to the medical profession.

What do I do in the office:

  •   Medical law
  •   Pharmaceutical law
  •   Civil Law


Most people miss the opportunity of a lifetime because it is "wearing overalls" and seems like a chore.
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