Vladislava Křivová

Partner Zdravotnické právo

I have been practicing Medical law for over 15 years, I have a specialisation in Medical law (LL.M.) and I focus on providing comprehensive legal support to healthcare providers, from the day-to-day legal agenda of a medical facility, through disputes with patients, proceedings before professional chambers (CCI, CSK), the use of secondary data, to addressing specific needs related to new technologies (AI, telemedicine) or procedures (eHealth). I also focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, helping to build high-functioning multidisciplinary teams, working with leading medical professionals as well as eminent researchers.

During my legal practice, I have provided legal assistance to key healthcare providers and worked in teams addressing strategic issues in the Czech healthcare sector. I have had the opportunity to participate in major projects in the field of science and research. Currently, our legal team and I are assisting more than a dozen major medical facilities where we have successfully implemented internal processes and documentation and helped them with secondary data use projects.

What do I do in the office:

  • Complex legal services in the field of Medical law
  • Legal aid in science and research
  • Intellectual property law


Devil is in the details.