Interview with the CEO of Stokkur Software – a leading Icelandic company, specialist in designing and programming mobile applications

We have recently begun with mini-series of interviews with our clients so we can learn more about their successful enterprises, future plans, motivation and their cooperation with SEDLAKOVA LEGAL. We have discovered that their stories are full of excitement, unexpected twists and victories, as well as our own. We would like to share the inspirational ideas and principles of our clients with you.

Today we would like to present you a short interview with Ms. Raquelíta Aguilar, the CEO of Icelanding leading software company Stokkur. Stokkur specializes in designing and programming mobile applications.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Please, tell us about Stokkur Software and what is your company’s main business activity?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Stokkur Software is a leading company in designing and programming mobile applications in Iceland. We have produced many of the most popular Icelandic mobile applications, e.g. Dominos, Aur, EVE Online and Strætó, to name a few. We focus on customer needs, and we design functional and user-friendly software that adds value to our customers‘ business. We also consult other businesses with their ideas, or current mobile application, through Design Sprints, where we help them to do a requirement analysis, planning, estimation and to create a clickable prototype. Our Design Sprints have helped businesses to reduce the development cost and eliminate uncertainties in their software solutions.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What is your current position and role in the company?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: My position is the CEO of Stokkur, but I play many roles in the company. Such as project manager, customer- and tech support, financial management, human resource and more. I basically do everything except for developing. I just don’t like programming, mainly because I’m not good at it. 😉

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: How did you get to this job and why did you choose to work with Stokkur Software?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: I didn’t choose Stokkur for any specific reason. On my second year in Computer Science I sent out job applications to all the software companies I could find in Iceland on the Internet. The CEO of Stokkur at that time offered me a part time job, with the school. I started as a tester which I’m so grateful for cause it’s really hard to get a job in this industry with no experience or a degree. My position then evolved and I became the QA of the company, then last year the COO and few months later I was offered the CEO position.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: How does a normal day in Stokkur look like for you and your team?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Every day is different, that’s what I like about Stokkur. But we always do a stand-up at 10am every day, where we go over the projects we are currently working on each week. This is done so everyone in the company is informed about what others are working on. I personally spend a big part of my day in email communications, planning, estimating, on meetings, delegating support issues, going over financial matters, assisting other team members and managing our projects.

A normal day for the team is either developing a new product, taking care of support issues or adding a new feature for a client in existing application. But sometimes we have time to work on our own products which many team members enjoy to do. It gives them more freedom and ownership in their work.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What significant projects has your company executed or participated in so far?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Our biggest and most popular projects that we have released so far are the following:

  •  Strætó – The Icelandic bus system (backend, web and the apps)
  • Aur – FinTech application where users can take loan, charge-, pay- or split payments with other users (backend, web and the apps)
  • Domino’s – Pizza order and tracker (apps)
  • Iceland Travel Companion – Travel app for trips in Icelandic (tablet)

But we have of course created and participated in many different projects, both in development and in our Design Sprints.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What makes your company different from others doing business in the same industry?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Well, in Iceland there is no company like Stokkur, that has over 10 years experience in mobile apps, and this has been our main focus and advantage. We are experts in user experience and customer needs when it comes to apps. We invest our time making sure that we always stay on top of the newest technology, newest designs/UX, newest OS and device updates, etc. in order to provide the best service/solution to our customers. We always try to improve our strengths and we don’t pretend to have knowledge in something just to get a client.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What are you currently working on and what business plans do you have in the future?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: That’s a secret! 😉 No, I actually have few plans for Stokkur in the next 1-3 years. When I took over the company at the beginning of 2018 I was not happy with the condition of it. I’ve spent the last months cleaning the insides of the company in areas that I didn’t know that existed. In one year we have scaled the company down, which is necessary in order to make the future plans work out. I have few things on my schedule right now.

I’m actively working on creating an operation in another country and I already have committed resources. We are working on our own products which I can’t say anything about at this moment but it’s gonna be awesome. Alongside this I’m gonna make Stokkur greater than ever.

None of this would work out if I didn’t have the right people with me on this, with the same vision as I have. I’m so lucky that my team is as motivated as I am and they are so excited to take this journey with me. This not gonna be easy but at this moment I feel like we can do anything.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Successful people often have different views on what is most important at work. What would you say is crucial for success in any business?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Respect and understanding.

1.      If you don’t respect and show understanding to your team members than that will affect the work they do, your relationship with them and in the end your business. Cause I believe that having a loyal, motivated and happy team will give you more productivity, more proactiveness and in the end a better business.

2.      If you don’t respect and show understanding to your client than that will affect your relationship with them, and in the end they will find someone else to do their business with.

BUT this is just what I believe. I’m still working on the success part, so maybe I’m not fit to answer this question.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What is your biggest motivation?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: This question was the hardest one. My current status in life was definitely not written in the stars. But I try to seize every opportunity that comes across me and I always aim higher than I know I can. Simply because I believe that I can grow and learn on my way to my goals. I’ve said yes to things I don’t even know the answer to, but if someone else has done it that means there is always a way.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: How would you evaluate the cooperation with our law firm?

RAQUELÍTA AGUILAR: Your law firm is the most professional and friendly business I have ever experienced. I feel safe and confident with all the work that we have done together and you always make sure that everything is in Stokkur’s interest. Despite the fast and professional service you provide, I highly value how personal your firm is and that you always make sure that we understand each other in a human language. I believe that our partnership is one of the most valuable ones that Stokkur has.

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