Licensing Terms

License Terms - a document you can't do without if you want to use copyrighted material. Whether it's software, photos, a book, databases or other copyright works, you should never ignore the terms of use. Unlike a contract, such as a development agreement ↗, a license agreement does not address the creation of a customized work. But it sets the rules of use for the finished product. Imagine an app - a company develops it, and then releases it to the market. What it then "sells" to its customers are permissions - licenses to use the application.

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Licensing Terms


What issues can license terms prevent?


  • Clearly define the scope of the license permissions. This way the customer will not use the work in a way that the author does not like. And the author will give the customer the rights that the customer needs.
  • It sets clear boundaries. Is the use of the work limited in time, quantity, territory or otherwise? With licensing terms, you'll be clear on that.
  • Is a trial version provided? What about the return policy, can I return the work within 30 days for free?
  • What about licensing fees? Are they paid all at once, periodically, or perhaps by the number of accounts currently in use?
  • Can the author request payment of additional royalties? For example, because the license paid much more than originally planned?
  • What if the author's rights are not exactly the author's? There may be a third party who will claim that the work is theirs and that they have not allowed anyone to use it. The license terms will clearly define who will settle such a claim and who is liable for any infringement of the third party's rights.

EULA - kamera

"He's a rebel! He's reproduced the program three times, passed it on twice, and profited from it once!"

Thomas pays for the license and downloads the video editing software. When he downloads it, he agrees to the license terms, which he hasn't even read (why would he, no one reads them anyway). He copied the software onto three devices. He edits his personal videos on his laptop and desktop computer, and marketing videos on a third computer at work. He has also passed the software on a flash drive a few times to friends who have asked him to do so - after all, he paid for the software and it's his, isn't it? Moreover, Thomas thinks he will keep the software forever, but after one year the software suddenly deactivates and shows a notification that he has to renew his license.

Thomas contacted the software provider and told them that it was not working and asked them to turn it back on for him on all three devices. It was at this point that both parties began to read the license terms carefully. The software provider suddenly realized that Thomas was right. His license terms were written differently than he thought.

Wouldn't it have been better to set the rules of the game right from the start with the users?

Our rules of the game
  • Basic information
  • What license terms include?
  • Whad do we need?
  • What do you get?

License terms for 31 hours!

The Norwegians have found out ↗ that the average user has 33 apps on their mobile phone, and it would take more than 31 hours to read their terms and conditions - so it's no wonder no one wants to read them. Our goal is to simplify the text and fight the excess page count. So you can rely on our documents to be clear and concise. So you don't have to worry about us helping to increase this unbelievable statistic together.

We will prepare the terms and conditions for a price: from 15 000 CZK + VAT

License Terms/EULA - Content

  • A description of the software or other copyright work being licensed
  • Specific terms and conditions required by, for example, Apple/Google
  • Technical requirements for proper functioning
  • User permissions (how the software can and cannot be used)
  • Quantitative, territorial and other restrictions on use
  • License price and duration
  • Troubleshooting (ideally by reference to a separate maintenance and support agreement)
  • Limitation of the provider's liability
  • Personal data (determine whether personal data is being handled or processed)
  • Consumer rights if the software is also intended for consumers

What do we need?

  • A description of your product, your customers and how the software will be offered: this will tell us if you need a template for an individual licence agreement, or rather licence terms and conditions that are easy to click through to your website
  • Whether your software contains open source components (we will determine if this imposes additional obligations on you)
  • Information about what the agreement should look like: traditional language or friendly "we-you" style?
  • Information about how you handle personal data: we will find out all about what personal data you will collect and for what purpose

Licence terms/EULA that you will understand:

We will:

  • Prepare a clear and simple written license agreement/terms that you and your users will understand
  • Prepare an appropriate setting of the rights to use the software and any penalties for violation
  • Verify that you are correctly following the rules of open source software if you have used it in your software
  • Help you gain insight into related legal issues (GDPR, content liability, taxes), the possibility of consulting them and incorporating them into the contract documentation
  • Give you clear explanations and tips for correct use of the contract/conditions in the future
  • Be a reliable partner for negotiating individual terms for specific clients
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"I'll set up the licensing terms according to your preferences.""

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