News Zdravotnické právo
20.02.2023 | Jiří Nezdařil
How to set up a practice step by step?
Have you successfully completed your postgraduate education, obtained your certification and now you are wondering what's next? Maybe you are thinking of starting your own practice so that you can finally provide your patients with...
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News Kybernetická bezpečnost
16.02.2023 | Bohuslav Lichnovský
Are you affected by NIS2 and cybersecurity rules?
The NIS2 ↗ directive and the nový new draft law on cybersecurity ↗, recently published by the NCIS bring major changes to the field of cybersecurity. A number of updated obligations await the affected organisations and their statutory...
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News Software law
09.02.2023 | Jiří Hradský
Digitální obsah: Musíte upravit své podmínky užívání?
V právních novinkách je občas složité se vyznat. Přichází jich několik každý měsíc. Třeba velká změna přišla v lednu v oblasti spotřebitelského práva. Všechny e-shopy bystře zaznamenaly, že se asi něco změní v...
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30.01.2023 | Jiří Hradský
How high can the contractual penalty be?
In the IT world, the rule is that projects start with a non-disclosure agreement - NDA. You just want to make sure at the beginning that your project, idea or solution is not leaked to the world by the other side. But the very word...
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News Software law
20.01.2023 | Jiří Hradský
E-book: Digital content and digital services
Running a SaaS application in 2023, for example, will be a bit more challenging. The Civil Code has introduced a new regulation on digital content contracts. It focuses on both B2B and B2C relationships, dealing with contract...
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News Trademark
18.01.2023 | Jiří Hradský
IP scan: 4 clients we helped set up an IP protection strategy
IP scan. A service for which EUIPO issues an annual grant. You can read about how the IP scan works in our other article ↗. All entrepreneurs, both natural persons (self-employed persons) and legal entities (companies) can apply for the...
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