Revision of your terms and conditions

From 6th of January 2023, an amendment to consumer law came into force. Among other things, it also introduced a new type of contract - a contract for the provision of digital content.

Revize podmínek v souvislosti s digitálním obsahem
Basic information

What are the changes concerning?

If you run a photo or video editing app, develop a mobile game, publish e-books, run a SaaS tool (like cloud storage), watch out. You're about to adjust your terms of use.

The change will affect, for example:

  • Updates
  • Functionality changes
  • Time of access to the digital content
  • Withdrawal from contract
  • Rights due to defective performance

If you want to know what to check in the terms and conditions, take a look at our article ↗.

How will we help you?
  • Basic information
  • What will we need from you?
  • What will you get from us?

Revision of your terms and conditions

Whether they are called EULAs, terms of use, terms and conditions, everything will meet the definition of a digital content contract.

The aim is to help you identify whether the conditions meet the new statutory requirements and make adjustments. 

What do we need from you?

What we need are your terms. But they are not enough for us to understand how you work and how to edit the document. We'll need it from you:

  • How does your digital service/digital content/app work?
  • Do you make updates and how?
  • How do you make the digital service/content/app available?
  • What is the process of registering a new user/customer?
  • What are the properties of your digital service/digital content?

What do you get from us?

You will get exactly what we are presenting - a revised document reflecting the amendment to consumer law on digital content.

But don't just expect a rewritten law. We'll adjust everything to fit your operating model. If we initially find that it is better to prepare completely new conditions, we will negotiate everything transparently.

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