Jiří Hradský

Partner Kybernetická bezpečnost GDPR

We live in a world of rapid progress, where a huge change could be awaiting us at any moment. So we have to learn new things all the time. I like to accept these challenges and I am still learning how to handle them. Education and knowledge are values that no one can ever take away. At SEDLAKOVA LEGAL, I am particularly dedicated to data protection. This field brings many interesting stories that help me to move forward and be better in both my professional and personal life.

I have been working on data protection issues, especially GDPR and related regulations, in the office for more than 2 years now and I am happy to see that my work is meaningful.

What I do within the office:

  • GDPR audits
  • Preparation of data protection documentation
  • Data protection training
  • Creating an e-learning on data protection
  • e-Privacy regulation, platforms, and e-commerce
  • Gaming law and esports
  • Office marketing
  • Podcasts Právo v kostce ↗


Every useless word is useless.
Publishing activities