Interview with Oliwia Sobczyk, legal intern from Poland

Adam Tietz 07.08.2019

During July we had the pleasure to expand our team with one more intern, Oliwia Sobczyk from Poland. For us, Oliwia brought something new and become member of our team for a short period of time.

So, Oliwia, could I ask why did you choose our law firm?

I chose Sedlakova Legal because after looking at the website and reading about the team and what they say about their work and I felt intrigued. I seemed like a place where I will be able to learn something interesting and meet people who can provide me with some guidance about my future. What was also very important to me was that you rarely see law firms with female managing partners. I really wanted to meet Jana and see, what it takes, aside from being good at law, to be able to create a successful law firm. I think she is a true inspiration.

Were you satisfied with your choice? How did you enjoy your stay here?

I am really happy with my choice. I don’t think I could have chosen a better law firm. I felt like a part of the team from day one, I met so many hard working and ambitious people who truly love what they do and they were able to convey this passion to me. I was surprised by how open, helpful and kind everyone was. I was excited to come to work every day and was happy with all the tasks I was given. I think this firm is a “safe space” where you can feel comfortable asking when you’re not sure and not worry about anyone judging you for that. I regret not being able to stay longer because I am sure I would learn a lot from all of them.

Speaking of working in our law firm, how did you like the assignments you were getting?

Before I came I said I did not want to do any translating and work that does not have much educational value for me as a future lawyer. I was so glad to have been given work that taught me a few practical skills, as well as research tasks that contributed to my knowledge in the areas I was interested in. I am really happy with that because I am sure I will use this knowledge during my studies as well as my next internship.

Could you tell what did you like the most about your work here?

My main goal in coming to Brno was to gain some legal experience so me being able to actually learn new things that are relevant for my further career was one of the biggest advantages however, I think that what I liked the most about your firm was the whole team. And Sedlakova Legal is a truly amazing team. You manage to be professional and really good at what you do, without being condescending, which is not that common. I was never afraid to ask questions and my concerns were always addressed. I experienced a lot of kindness, passion and great energy. I was excited about going to work every day and aside from learning new things obviously, I also had a lot of fun, which made this time even more memorable. It was truly an honour to be a part of this team.

Did SEDLAKOVA LEGAL help you learn something during your stay?

It definitely showed me that being a lawyer is what I want to do in my future. As I said previously, I think I have gained knowledge that is going to help me in the future. I learned quite a lot about IP law, which I was most interested in but also was given a chance to challenge my research skills, develop my knowledge in the area of company law.

I have one last question on my mind. Is there anything we could have done differently in connection with your internship?  Any recommendations?

I do not think I would have done anything differently. Perhaps I would extend my stay because 2 weeks was not enough for me. I have achieved all the goals I set for myself before I came to Brno and also ended up meeting fantastic people. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. It was an amazing experience and I am really thankful I got chosen to do it.