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Home office is becoming increasingly popular, but employers should not forget to set it up properly. The Labour Code makes little distinction between an employee working under the supervision of a supervisor in an office or working alone at home. The basic rules of this benefit should be set accordingly. So if you decide to go down the route of allowing employees to work through a home office, don't hesitate to contact us. We will set all the rules together.

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Home office
Home office agreement
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9 out of 10 large enterprises support working from home

According to statistics from the Czech Statistical Office ↗, nine out of ten large companies allow their employees to work from home even in times of loosened anti-epidemic measures. Among medium-sized and smaller enterprises, the figure is around half. Are you also among those who allow working from home? Then be sure to set the conditions for working from home well with your employees.

When providing a working from home option, it is advisable not to forget to set the basic rules under which employees can use this benefit.

Price: from CZK 5,000 + VAT

What agreement includes?

The agreement sets out the basic conditions for working from home, including:

  • where and under what conditions the work from home will be operated from,
  • the provision of equipment and the employee's connection to the employer's networks and systems,
  • working time rules, information protection or occupational health and safety.

What do we need?

In order to prepare an agreement regarding the conditions of working from home, we will need:

  • an overview of the basic conditions under which working from home should work, i.e.
    • where the work will be done from,
    • under what regime and with what working hours,
    • who will provide the employee with the equipment to work from home, etc.


An agreement regarding the terms and conditions for working from home that covers all the necessary areas while making this benefit mutually satisfactory.

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