Lease, sale, and closing of a medical practice

Have you decided to hand over your practice to a new generation? Or are you looking for someone to help you set up the ideal conditions for leasing out your practice while you devote your time to your family? Whatever the medical facility, we know how to properly maintain its continued operation. In fact, we know very well that building a functioning practice is no easy feat, and we're happy to help you hand over everything so that your facility continues to function in the hands of new doctors.

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Nákup, převod a založení ordinace
Lease, sale, and closing of a practice
  • Basic information
  • What we will need from you?
  • What you will get from us?

Basic information on the sale of the practice

Have you placed an advert to sell your practice and are now starting to find out what all this will entail legally? Or, conversely, are you looking into what selling a practice entails because you are in the process of looking for a practice?

Look no further. We will take the transfer, sale or lease of your practice under our wing. There are several ways in which you can transfer an existing practice to someone else. A transfer or lease of a practice from an individual to another individual will have different terms and conditions than a transfer between companies. We described how to proceed in one of our articles.

Price: from CZK 50 000 + VAT


Selling a practice? Or just leasing out?

First, we need to know what you're interested in. Do you want to part with your practice for good and sell it to someone? Or do you just want to lease the practice out and have an income from the practice you've built?

Answering these questions is crucial, everything else comes afterwards. What will be the terms of selling or leasing out the practice? Do you have all the permits? Who will be the lucky one to get your practice, etc.

For dealing with authorities, notaries, and other bodies, we will have you sign a power of attorney so that you don't have to wade through complicated bureaucracy. And don't worry, we'll handle everything digitally where possible.

What we will do for you

  • We will set up the company with a notary,
  • draw up contracts for the transfer of business shares,
  • we will negotiate the transfer of contracts with insurance companies,
  • we will represent you in negotiations with the health authority and the regional authority,
  • arrange all the necessary notifications and deliver the documents to the regional authority.


This way you can focus on what is important, your patients and informing them, negotiating the best conditions for the sale, etc.

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