Tereza Formanová

Legal assistance to start-ups Intellectual Property Law Software law

During my law studies, I was not at all sure whether advocacy was the right choice. My biggest hobby was working in a coffee shop and creating latte art. But I found that working in the law allowed me to be creative and enjoy client satisfaction just as much as making a great cup of coffee. My hobbies in law are trademarks and software licensing. What I enjoy about the law is that there are often multiple possible approaches, and our job is to find the best fit for the client. At SEDLAKOVA LEGAL, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the idea of writing contracts in such a way that makes them simpler, easier to understand, and more visually appealing.

What I do within the firm:

  • Trademarks
  • Software law
  • Software licenses, including open-source licenses
  • Intellectual property protection


Enjoy the day and trust tomorrow (the future) as little as possible.
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