Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

The days when only a salary was enough are long gone. For an efficient and functioning company, it is necessary to have well set up employee participation programmes. Let's come up with the best way to motivate and reward your employees or co-workers.

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Employee participation programmes, with our help
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  • What do we need?
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There are ESOPs, virtual shares, direct sales...

There are many ways to motivate employees. That's why we'll set up a meeting together to discuss the options, your preferences and needs. At the meeting, we will explain what options you have for employee or co-worker participation, and which one is the most suitable for your project.

Price: from CZK 25 000 + VAT

What will we need for the preparation?

In particular, we will need to get together and discuss everything properly. Before the meeting, we will also send you a questionnaire, the completion of which will help us understand the direction you want to take.

Do you have any idea what your options are, or would you like to get to know your options in more detail before you answer everything?

You will get precisely set rules

Once we've worked out all the details, we'll implement the program together in your company and provide training for potential participants, so they know what it means for them.

You will then get the rules set for motivating and rewarding employees or collaborators in the form of company equity or virtual shares that come with the right to profit sharing. At the same time, everyone will understand this. Which is definitely a plus!

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