Shareholders’ agreement (SHA)

Are you familiar with terms like put options, drag along and tag along, deadlock, or anti-dilution? Whether they are familiar to you, or you have no idea how to set up the relationships between partners, we are ready to design adequate documentation (shareholders’ agreement), discuss everything with you or discuss it with other partners.

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What does the SHA address?

When preparing the agreement, we will deal with the contractual set-up of the relationship between the partners on your behalf. We can also potentially entertain contractual modification of the rights associated with individual shares and the setup of the relationships between the partners, including the resolution of deadlock situations (e.g. deadlock).

Price: from 10 000 CZK + VAT


How do you envision the adjustment between the shareholders?

It is up to you to arrange the relationships between the individual shareholders. We are here to correct you if necessary and recommend the ideal solution. However, in order to prepare the documentation, we will need you to complete and possibly discuss a special questionnaire (with a selection of possible provisions and special rights).

Above all, the assurance that your relationships have been set up correctly. We will prepare an agreement that reflects the client's idea of how the partners should work together.

The agreement may require updating or other adjustments, so we will be in touch. If the agreement doesn't work, or if it is holding you back from working between the partners, we will find a more appropriate solution.

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