Due Diligence

Before any major decision is made, it is customary to assess the risks involved. For this purpose, due diligence is carried out, for example in terms of the company's assets, debts, legal obligations or intellectual property (IP Due Diligence).

We can provide a complete Due Diligence of the company, either from the position of the investor (Buyer DD) or as a preparation for investment from the position of the target company (Seller DD).

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Scope of Due Dilligence

A properly set scope of Due Diligence is a prerequisite to be able to assess whether the proposed transaction is feasible and economically reasonable. As we have extensive experience with Due Diligence, we will help you to choose the right scope so that we can reliably always detect any potential risks and alert you to them.

Beyond general Due Diligence, our expertise focuses on Due Diligence conducted from the perspective of commercial liabilities, corporate liabilities and intellectual property ↗ (IT Due Diligence).

Continuing Due Dilligence

Our services do not end with the performance of Due Diligence. If we come across any deficiencies during the due diligence, we will not only bring them to your attention, but also suggest ways in which you can remedy them. We will prepare a plan for the transaction and rank the risks according to their severity. We will also advise you on which risks you should address before the transaction is completed. And which ones you could leave until later.

Last but not least, we can ensure the preparation of complete transaction documentation ↗.

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We will conduct a legal due diligence of the company.

When a company is sold or invested in, it is quite common to check the condition of the company. This can subsequently affect the price or amount of the investment.

We will sort, evaluate and summarize the situation, including highlighting potential risks, assessing them and proposing solutions.

Price: Individual, it always depends on the scope and individual requirements

What do we need from you?

An open approach with the owners of the company being investigated, with investors identifying their priorities and an open discussion of the investigation's outcomes. We have prepared questionnaires to conduct due diligence, which we will send to you depending on the scope of the DD being conducted.


A clear document describing the state of the company (DD report), possible risks and their assessment including categorization (Red flag report) and proposed solutions.

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