Terms of use of the app

The terms of use of the app are the foundation of any business built on a mobile or a web app. You should keep the terms of use in mind especially if you want to monetise your app. It doesn't matter whether it is the app download itself, In-App purchases or even just a higher level of features or support ↗ that is fee-based. Pricing and payment terms always deserve attention. Terms of use also deserve substantial attention when users upload their own content to the app and share it publicly. Last but not least, terms of use are essential for mobile apps published on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

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Podmínky užívání aplikace
Why terms


Why should you want terms of use for your app?

  • They fit perfectly with your GDPR. Running an app usually involves processing personal data ↗, and we can solve both of these issues for you at the same time when preparing the terms of use.
  • To keep the CTIA (Czech Trade Inspection Authority) happy. If the customer is a consumer, you should comply with the consumer protection legislation.
  • They limit your liability. What if the app doesn't work properly or has an outage?
  • They adjust the payment terms to suit your needs. Everyone likes something different; do you prefer subscriptions or retroactive payments? 
  • They will explain to the user how they can and cannot behave. Rules are important, especially if the app allows the sharing of user content.
  • They protect your copyright. So that the app is still yours.
  • They set the limits on quantity, territorial and any other restrictions


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What should the terms of use look like? Is there a difference between terms of use, terms of business, or maybe an EULA? What should you look out for when posting terms and conditions on Google Play and the Appstore? When are you responsible for the content that users share in your app? And can you, or should you, somehow pre-filter it?

We discussed all this and some other topics with Pavel Čech ↗ in our Law in a Nutshell podcasts. Link to Spotify ↗ a Apple Podcasts ↗.

How can we help you
Terms of use of the app
  • Basic information
  • What terms inlclude?
  • What do we need?
  • What do you get?

We've got the terms of use down to a fine art

Dozens of apps, both mobile and web based are already using our terms of use. We're happy to share our experience and create them for you too. Just ask.

Price: from 20 000 CZK + VAT

Table of content

  • Functionality of the app to which the terms apply 📱
  • Specific arrangements required for example by Apple/Google 🍏🤖
  • Technical requirements for the proper performance of the app ⚙️
  • User permissions (how they can and cannot use the software) 📵
  • Quantitative, territorial and other restrictions on use 🗺️
  • License price and duration 💰⏱️
  • Troubleshooting (ideally with reference to the maintenance and support agreement) ⚠️
  • Limitation of liability of the provider 🚫
  • Consumer rights in case the software is also intended for consumers ⚖️

What do we need?

  • A description of your app and its features: this is how we'll know if you need complex terms and conditions for a custom-built app, or rather simpler terms and conditions
  • Definition of pricing terms: we will set up the billing process and related liability arrangements accordingly
  • Information on whether your application contains open source components (so we can determine if this implies additional obligations for you)
  • Information on what the terms and conditions should look like: traditional language or more friendly "we-you" style?

What do you get?

  • Clearly and concisely written terms and conditions that both you and your users will understand
  • An appropriate setting of the rights of use of the app and penalties for possible violations
  • Verification that you are correctly following the rules of open source software if it is used in your application
  • Insight into related legal issues (GDPR, content liability, taxes), the possibility of consultation and their incorporation into the contractual documentation
  • Clear explanations and tips for the correct use of the terms and conditions in the future
  • A reliable partner for negotiating individual terms and conditions for specific clients
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