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There is no doubt that personal data protection is also closely linked to IT law. We have conducted more than 50 data processing audits for our clients and helped dozens of companies with their privacy settings.

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We are GDPR experts


We provide comprehensive data protection services. We will be happy to prepare the necessary documentation for you. For those who want to look into the issue in depth, we offer the possibility of carrying out a mapping of personal data processing.

We also offer the possibility of training for you or your employees, or you can use our e-learning. Last but not least, we can arrange the services of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). We also write about personal data, check out profile of Roman ↗ and Jiří ↗!

What can we help you with

Privacy Policy

A document which informs other people how you process their personal data, what entitles you to do it, or to whom are the personal data transferred.

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Data Processing Agreement

Setting up the relationship between the personal data controller and the personal data processor in accordance with the requirements of Article 28 GDPR.

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Consent to the processing of personal data

Do you need consent for processing? We will prepare the wording for you and give you guidelines on how to use it.

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Cookies settings

We provide analysis of cookies documentation on your website and editing of the wording including our consultation on the correct settings.

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GDPR mapping

Assessment of the setup of GDPR documentation and processes of the personal data controller or processor, including proper implementation.

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Data Protection Officer

We will provide you with DPO services and we will assist you with GDPR compliance.

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Preparation of internal documentation

Preparing internal regulations and setting up processes in relation to the protection of personal data.

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Consultation in other areas of privacy law

Data protection is a broad topic. We are here for you if you deal with marketing, unsolicited phone calls, commercial communications or if you just need advice.

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