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We are a team of responsive lawyers who understand that every problem has multiple solutions and are not afraid to look for the best one for you.

Our expertise ranges from civil, employment and corporate law to software and IT law.

We mainly focus our attention on the areas listed below in which we have the necessary experience, knowledge and for which we share a true passion.

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IT právo

Software/IT law

Software/IT law is our core legal discipline.  We are here for you both when you are creating or commissioning software. We can help you with development contracts, the *aaS solution or end-user license terms. We cooperate with a broad range of clients, from nuclear power ↗ plants or telecommunications authorities ↗ to small development studios. We also provide trainings on IT contracts. And if you are interested, you can read a handbook ↗ we have written about them.

We live and breathe IT law. And we understand your language. You do not have to worry to entrust your know-how, business, and data. As IT law professionals we can take care of it all. Please contact us ↗. We will answer all your questions.


Terms of use of the app

Do you run a mobile or web app and do you need to handle subscriptions and auto-renewals? Or perhaps, do you need help with the level of accessibility of the app and responsibility for user content?

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Software development contract

Agile or waterfall? Hybrid teams or body shopping? Framework or simple contract? With us all of these will be clear! And we will provide you with a clear and bulletproof contract too.

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License Terms, EULA

It is important not to forget to set rules for (dis)permitted uses of your copyright work. Also, you do not forget to consider the open source, standard components and third-party services.

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Software distribution

You are creating a partner network to launch a product in a new market. But how to grasp the relationship with your partners in the right way? Is it desirable to have a direct relationship with the customer or do you prefer a mediated one? And how can you set selling prices?

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Software maintenance and support (service)

Incidents, response times and requests. How to set them up properly? And also, how to set consequences of non-compliance? It is a critical issue for long-term software support.

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SLAs (service level agreement) should be in place for anyone who deals with SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other as a service solution. Even if the service is handled by a third-party subcontractor.

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IT Due diligence

An independent objective view and identification of potential IT risks. Whether you need a DD performed by us or you are being audited by yourself. You will not miss a thing thanks to our individual approach.

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Poaching of employees and contractors

When you first face the problem with poaching of employees and contractors by third parties, we are here for you. Because next time, you will be prepared. We have dealt with a no-poaching agreement before, and we know how to put implement it into your business in a fair and transparent way.

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Protection against hidden employment

No one wants their cooperation to look as well-known “Švarc system” (hidden employment), as it is sanctioned by law. It is important to grasp correctly relationship between developer and supplier. Together we will set the rules so that you do not get into a similar situation ever again.

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Ochrana osobních údajů

We will ensure that personal data processed by you are secured

When you say data protection, many people get the chills. But also, right privacy set up could be fun. We are glad to provide you necessary documentation. We also offer training for you or your employees or you can use our e-learning. Last but not least, we can arrange the services of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

If you have a website/application and you need to check that you have everything set up correctly, check out  our checklist ↗.

Privacy Policy

A document which informs other people how you process their personal data, what entitles you to do it, or to whom are the personal data transferred.

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Data Processing Agreement

Setting up the relationship between the personal data controller and the personal data processor in accordance with the requirements of Article 28 GDPR.

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Consent to the processing of personal data

Do you need consent for processing? We will prepare the wording for you and give you guidelines on how to use it.

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Kamerový systém a GDPR

Pomůžeme vám nastavit kamerový systém ve vaší společnosti. Nachystáme nezbytnou dokumentaci a vyhodnotíme všechna rizika.

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Cookies settings

We provide analysis of cookies documentation on your website and editing of the wording including our consultation on the correct settings.

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GDPR mapping

Assessment of the setup of GDPR documentation and processes of the personal data controller or processor, including proper implementation.

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Data Protection Officer

We will provide you with DPO services and we will assist you with GDPR compliance.

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Preparation of internal documentation

Preparing internal regulations and setting up processes in relation to the protection of personal data.

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Consultation in other areas of privacy law

Data protection is a broad topic. We are here for you if you deal with marketing, unsolicited phone calls, commercial communications or if you just need advice.

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Pracovní právo

Employment law

Being an employer is not easy. A badly written employment contract can cause you the rights to your employee’s work. A missing work schedule or undocumented security workshops can cause fines by the Employment Inspectorate. And a wrong employment termination can mean vast costs in terms of unpaid wages of the wrongfully terminated employee.

We can guide you through all the difficulties of employment law and help you avoid the above-mentioned situations.

Basic recruitment documents

Do you need help with employment agreement, work agreement (dohoda o provedení práce) or agreement on work performance (dohoda o pracovní činnosti)? We will discuss with you what kind of work and on what position the employees will work for you. After that we will set up you the basic documents between you and the employees.
Employment agreement --> DPP/DPČ -->

Use of external employees

Given the lack of employees in the labour market, there may be a need to use non-core employees. We will prepare or revise the necessary documentation, no matter with whom you agree to assign the employees.

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Home office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, but employers should not forget to set it up properly. The Labour Code makes little distinction between working in an office or at home. This should be reflected in the basic rules of this benefit.

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Investment to staff development

Employees should generally improve their skills. However, if you are going to invest in expensive training, a qualification agreement could be useful. This sets out the terms and conditions of claiming the costs of the employee's qualification development and in return the employee will remain in employment for an agreed period of time (but no longer than 5 years).

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Protection against false self-employment (in Czech also known as “Švarc system”)

Collaboration with a self-employed person sounds like a great thing until the Labor Inspection Office comes along with a fine for illegal employment. To avoid this risk, we can help you set up the cooperation with your contractors in such a way that it really corresponds to a relationship between two independent entrepreneurs and therefore does not bear the characteristics of dependent work.

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Termination of employment and related disputes

A poorly reasoned or incorrectly delivered notice of termination of employment is invalid. And the associated costs can be really high (e.g., lost earnings, court costs). To avoid these risks, we'll assess your situation and recommend the safest way to terminate the employee.

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Competition clauses and poaching of employees

Once you encounter employee issues with "stealing" of employees, you want to be prepared. You're not the first to ask what a non-compete and no-poaching agreement are and how to put them into practice in a fair and transparent way

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Korporátní právo

Corporate law and legal assistance for Startups

We enjoy being in the world of new technologies, so we look for opportunities to help startups! Corporate law issues cut across the entire business. A startup entrepreneur must deal with them from the beginning, throughout the “life” of the company until its end. Protecting ideas and investments early in the life of any startup, along with a global go-to-market and marketing strategy, are absolutely crucial. Whether you need to make sure you’re complying with all legal requirements, or just need some relief from administrative hassles, we’re here for you!  

Establishment of a commercial company

We will discuss your business plans with you and advise you on the most suitable form of business in relation to the subject matter of the business, the current state of the business and your future business plans. We can help you set up a limited company/shareholding company, draft a memorandum of association and deal with all the administrative steps.

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Change of legal form - from self-employment to a comapny

If you’ve historically been self-employed, you may find that this type of business starts to feel small. We know the best way to turn a running business into a company. We’ll discuss the options with you, work with you and your tax and accounting advisors to choose one of the options and prepare all the administration.

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Employee Equity programmes (ESOP)

The richer startups are in ideas, the poorer they usually are (at least at the beginning) in financial resources. This is not the only reason why it is slowly becoming standard to offer employees and other collaborators their share of the company. We can advise you on how to set up and implement Employee programmes correctly, as well as how to specify terms and conditions.

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Shareholders’ agreement (SHA)

For more complex ownership structures, it may be useful to regulate the relations between the partners by a separate (non-public) side agreement. We will draft and discuss the wording with you so that you are prepared for everything. Together we will always find the ideal solution.

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Company transformations

Are you no longer satisfied with a limited company, and would you like to switch to a public limited company? Or do you need to change the company structure in a different way? Together we will guide you through the transformation of your company.

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Holding structure formation

Do you want to protect yourself against potential risks? As part of our tax analyses of markets, we set up suitable corporate and holding structures, both domestically and abroad, in cooperation with partner law firms.

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We can also help you with

Routine corporate matters

There are a lot of obligations connected with the activity of a commercial company (whether s.r.o. or a.s.) or the position of managing director - bookkeeping, general meetings, financial statements, if necessary, an extraordinary general meeting, etc. We can help you with all these matters.



We will prepare mandatory and voluntary internal regulations and processes covering, among other things, whistleblower protection (whistleblowing ↗), registry entries (commercial, trade, beneficial owner registry), internal codes of ethics, to specific issues (ISO, financial services licensing, AML, ESG).



Everything must come to an end. If the "life" of your legal entity has come to an end, we will help you to liquidate it as easily as possible, i. e. to dissolve it and delete it from the Commercial Register.


Non-profit organisations and pro bono activities

There may be more important things than the profits from a successful business. That's why we also provide comprehensive services to non-profit organizations and help everyone who makes our world a better place.


Accounting and taxes

Even a lawyer doesn't know everything. But that's why we have great partners. Our partner accounting firm ↗ is here to help you with your accounting and taxes challenges.

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Právo duševního vlastnictví

Intellectual property law

We can help you protect your brand, know-how and creative outputs. Whether you direct and shoot videos, create graphic designs, write advertising texts, take photographs, prepare marketing analyses and strategies or simply build lovebrand. We have experience not only in preparing licensing agreements and registering trademarks in various countries around the world, but also in dealing with intellectual property infringement cases ↗. In cooperation with our partners, we can also secure patents and utility models for your unique technology.


We will advise you on how to ideally protect your brand and in what form it is appropriate to register and use it. We will look at whether your mark is available in your chosen market and then guide you through the whole process of registration and subsequent support in using your trademark.

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Trademark watching

Have you heard about trademark watching? We can control whether someone wants to register a similar trademark. And if they do, we will help you block the registration by opposing it or provide you with other services.

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Check of the name of your company

If you want to establish a company, our colleague Linda ↗ or Michaela ↗ will help you with it. When selecting a company name, we recommend to check whether the business name is available and does not infringe on the rights of another person (e.g., his/her trade name, trademark or unregistered name).

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Domain names

We also deal with domain name disputes - if someone registers your trademark or unregistered mark as a domain name, we will check whether they have the right to do so and suggest how to proceed.

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Infringement of intellectual property rights

We will investigate whether someone has infringed your intellectual property rights, whether you are the author, owner of a trademark, design, trade name or other right. If, on the other hand, you are on the other side and someone claims infringement of their rights, we will determine whether infringement has actually occurred and recommend the best strategy.

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Employees and development

We will prepare employee contract documentation and contracts with developers and other team members, ensuring maximum rights to the outputs.

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Real Estate? No problem!

Since the establishment of our law firm, we have helped our clients with real estate transfers worth more than CZK 3.5 billion. We will ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. We will guide you safely through the entire process, preparing the deal for you down to the last detail, according to the individual needs of your case. We will prepare the necessary documentation for you, carry out official verification of signatures, arrange the escrow of the purchase price, prepare a proposal for the entry into the register and we will represent you in the entire procedure before the land registry office.

Legal services for real estate agents

We provide legal services for real estate agents for the entire duration of the transaction. We understand that main thing is satisfied customer. We ensure that contracts are signed at the estate agent's office or at our office, including representation in the land registry proceedings, so that the estate agent's clients have as few worries as possible and can enjoy a successful transaction.

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Buying/selling/donating a real estate

We are aware that any property disposal is a big step for both sellers and buyers. That's why we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for them, so that everything goes as they wish and without any hassles. Therefore, we always prepare a tailor-made contract for our clients, in which we reflect their requirements.

Detail -->

Revision of contractual documentation

We carry out complex review of the contractual documentation and analyse all risks and their possible consequences if they are not addressed. At the same time, we approach the revisions sensitively and therefore assess the client's level of accetabke risk.

Detail -->

We can also help you with


Recently, the demand for rental housing has increased again. In this area we provide comprehensive services for both landlords and tenants. We also help clients if any problems arise during the lease. If the problems persist after the end of the lease, e. g., the tenant does not want to move out, we also represent clients in court proceedings.

Detail -->

Establishment/cancellation of easement

The sale of real estate, but not only that, is often associated with easements and mortgages. In such cases, we will prepare all the documentation necessary for our clients in terms of the proceedings before the land registry until the end of the proceedings, i. e. until the registration or removal of the right in question.

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Land registry and construction proceedings

Communication with the authorities is not something many people seek out. Procedures are often very formalised, and even the slightest error in documentation for the authorities can have far-reaching consequences. We are prepared to represent clients in proceedings to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as quickly as possible. However, we are also able to help if things do not run smoothly and will always advise the client on the best course of action.

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Settlement of co-ownership

We guide our clients through the entire process, both if the co-owners are able to reach an agreement and if an agreement is not possible and the matter needs to be resolved in court. If the co-owners agree, we will prepare the agreement and the necessary related documentation in order to make the entry in the land registry possible.


Invest in business with us

Investing in business should be a joyous occasion. However, it is almost always a challenging and exhausting situation. Whether you are an investor, VC or the owner of the target company, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive legal support to make everything as easy as possible.

Investment contract

The entry of an investor is a major milestone and success in the company's journey. We will help you set up the transaction mechanism and contractual documentation to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Detail -->

Due Diligence

Whether you are an investor, VC or a company preparing for an investment, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with a DD to check how prepared the company is for the investment.

Detail -->

Convertible loan

A solution that can help many start-ups to get started and at the same time it doesn't have to be so time-consuming. We will prepare a contract that sets up a loan from an investor with an alternative acquisition of shares.

Detail -->

Other services

The investment may involve other legal issues and challenges that we have not mentioned here. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will work everything out. We have extensive experience with investments.

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Ostatní služby

Didn't find the service you were looking for?

Maybe we just don't have it listed. That doesn't mean we aren't capable to do it. Try contacting us here ↗ or see if you can find the service here ↗. If you're just clicking through out of curiosity, we're sure our Blog ↗ will satisfy you.

Zapsání do seznamu cloud computingu

Provedeme vás procesem zapsání vaší organizace do seznamu poskytovatelů služby cloud computingu do veřejné správy, databáze vedené Ministerstvem vnitra ČR za účelem zefektivnění provozu orgánů veřejné správy. Kromě zajištění jednotlivých kroků pro zápis, vám pomůžeme také s naplněním všech požadavků, které jako poskytovatelé musíte splňovat.

Detail -->

Analýza práv a povinností

Nevíte, jaké požadavky se na vaši organizaci vztahují v souvislosti s kybernetickou bezpečností? Nejste si jistí, jestli jste povinnou osobou podle zákona o kybernetické bezpečnosti nebo jestli na vás dopadnou jeho požadavky po vydání evropské směrnice NIS 2? Provedeme základní audit a idenfitikujeme všechny povinnosti.

Detail -->

Bezpečnostní dokumentace

Nejčastějším požadavkem na doložení souladu s pravidly kybernetické bezpečnosti je doložení odpovídající dokumentace. Připravíme pro vás základní bezpečnostní dokumentaci, která vám pomůže správně nastavit procesy zabezpečení a doložit dodržování bezpečnostních opatření.

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Ostatní služby

Nenašli jste službu, kterou jste hledali? 

Možná ji jen prostě nemáme vypsanou. To však neznamená, že to neumíme. Zkuste nás kotaktovat Tady ↗ nebo se podívejte, zda službu nenajdete Zde ↗. Pokud proklikáváte jen tak, ze zvědavosti, určitě vaši zvědavost uspokojí náš Blog ↗.

How we can cooperate?
  • Cooperation begins
  • Thinking for you
  • Preparing documentation
  • Negotiation
  • Updates

Cooperation begins

Via email, phone, or any other arbitrary tool, we will arrange a meeting. The meeting can be online/in person where we will clarify all your needs and preferences.

After the meeting, we will send you additional questions and explain everything so that you understand the questions. You don't have to worry about us speaking to you in the language of Mordor, or any other incomprehensible language (or even the legal one). We make it a priority that you or your employees know exactly what issues are being addressed and, more importantly, why they are being addressed.

For now, don't you know what all you need to deal with? Maybe you will find the answer on our blog ↗.

We think for you

Once we have all the information from you, we think about an issues that might arise in your business. But we go further. We don't just stop at the wording of the paragraphs. We think about the implications for your business, look for risks that we can point out to you and evaluate it together.

If we find that there may be difficulties in your business, we will alert you immediately and take all the warnings into account in the preparation of the relevant documentation.

We understand that legal solutions must go hand in hand with your business.

We speak clearly

We'll prepare a first draft of the documentation and take all the risks into account.

We think that there is nothing worse than complex texts, so we will prepare the documentation in a clear, understandable way. We are able to write documents in a very friendly language, but also in a formal and legal style. Do you want us to make fun of famous movies, hide easter eggs in the contract, or do you want classic formal language? No problem!

We will deliver the output according to your preferences. Do you prefer online document editing? Here is the link.

We can help you negotiate

So we've prepared the documentation. Now it is time to negotiate with your clients. We love our documents, but we understand that 10 lawyers have 100 opinions, so we'll help you find a compromise and talk openly with you during the negotiation about the risks that any changes pose.

Need to enter into a contract with the other party? We'll have your back and help you negotiate the contract.

Need to communicate with authorities, courts or other institutions? We will handle everything for you.

Your contract/documentation has been updated to version 2.0.

We know very well law evolves over time. At the same time, your needs, your way of doing business, your priorities evolve over time. We are here to change and modify anything at any time to suit your needs.

If there are significant legal changes, we think of you and reflect the changes in the documentation together. Every day we check the current status of amendments, changes, new regulations. If we find that something big is coming up that will upset the documentation we have prepared for you, we will notify you in advance. You can then decide whether to make the adjustment yourself or perhaps with us.

The important thing is to have updates turned on. And we turn them on automatically!

Or you can just write us

Do you need legal services in the field of software law?

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