Roman Tomek

Partner Civil law GDPR

The world of law started to fascinate me when I was 15 years old. I watched every movie and read every book from the law environment and even then I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. After I started practicing, I found that the real world of law was different from the one I had known up to that point, but in a positive way. Being able to solve real problems for real people is an activity that fulfills me immeasurably more than merely passively following stories written by others. In my practice to date, I have initially focused on enforcement law, but in the last two years, my specialty has become data protection. A core part of my work is conducting GDPR compliance audits, with a client base of companies of various sizes, operating in both local and international markets.

What I do within the firm:


What I like about advocacy is that no problem is unimportant.
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