IP scan: 4 clients we helped set up an IP protection strategy

IP scan. A service for which EUIPO issues an annual grant. You can read about how the IP scan works in our other article ↗.

All entrepreneurs, both natural persons (self-employed persons) and legal entities (companies) can apply for the IP scan grant. The next round of the programme was launched on 23 January 2023. Now entrepreneurs can draw up to EUR 1,810 for the registration of a trademark and the execution of an IP scan.

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Unfortunately, many businesses that could benefit from IP scan often do not know that they can use such services and how they can benefit from them. That is why we have prepared a short case study of 4 clients for whom we have performed an IP scan and how it has helped them.

A big thank you belongs to Tereza Formanová ↗, who was primarily involved in providing IP scans.

4 clients - 4 stories

We did over 20 IP scans last year. Thanks to the grant, clients saved more than CZK 450,000 in total on these services. And not only on the IP scan service, but also on trademark registration fees.

We have selected 4 stories to show you how an IP scan can help you.

Specifically stories of the following clients:

Digital agency Upster


Grant application approved: 28. 7. 2022

Amount of approved grant: EUR 1 500

Their slogan alone shows that we are on the same wavelength with this digital agency: "Strategy. PPC. Content. SEO. Mailing. No bullshit."

They approached us because their goal was to check the state of their intellectual property and in particular their copyrights, since as marketers they often create original content and use external suppliers.

We handled the grant from A to Z on behalf of the client, from the grant application itself to the delivery of the output.

As part of the IP scan, we reviewed the entire service delivery process, focusing specifically on copyright and the quality of contractual documentation and internal processes.

What we found: their service and legal treatment is top notch (they have such easily understood contracts, really! 🙂 ). Their copyright is properly handled and secured. However, we found one major point. Historically, contracts with the people who created the website, graphics, text and other content on Upster have not been fully resolved.

Did you know that in order to have an exclusive license to copyrighted works, the contract must be in writing?

What course of action have we proposed: Finalize the contracts with the suppliers who participated in the graphics, logo, website and texts. For existing suppliers, we recommended additional terms and conditions that they need to address in their contracts and how they need to set up licensing schemes. We simply helped to set the emergency brakes.

With the above strategic recommendation, we have avoided potential disputes over the right to use the company's logo, text and graphics. This allows the client to continue to do what they do best - provide cutting-edge digital marketing - without further risk.

IP Scan cost: EUR 900

Portion covered by the EU grant: 90%

Client saved: EUR 810

"Our partners from SEDLAK's LEGAL informed us that it is possible to get a grant for IP scan and other services. We had been working together for some time, so we were confident that legally we had everything in order. However, during the interviews we found out that we had forgotten to think of our own safety a bit and had gaps in our contracts with the suppliers who did our logo, graphics or texts. Now we have a more peaceful sleep and a partner who has much better insight into the nature of our business and our goals for the next 5 years. And the best services are created when the other person really understands you." Tomáš Schwarz, Upster

Tolgee platform


Grant application approved: 20. 7. 2022

Amount of approved grant: EUR 1 500

The dream of all app developers. A revolutionary tool that speeds up application translation by up to 90%. A smart platform that offers painless localization into different language versions. This is the Tolgee platform.

IP scan in this area is from a different barrel altogether, as the platform develops a software tool that is based on licensing rights, provided in the form of SaaS in various payment schemes. At the same time, it is a product with an interesting visual that can become a real B2B love-brand in the future.

What we found: In particular, we focused on the source code of the software and the licenses that are used for it, the licensing terms and the visual aspect of the platform itself and the permissions (intellectual property) to it. The client went for the IP scan wanting to register a trademark, and needed reassurance that this was the right strategy. We reassured the client that this was a high priority strategic move. At the same time, among other things, we made it a high priority to adjust the contractual documentation with the vendor involved in creating the platform graphics.

Other steps: Together with the client we started the registration of the trademark ↗, taking the registration into our own hands. The client subsequently used the grant also to pay the trademark registration fee.

IP scan cost: EUR 900

Portion covered by the IP scan grant: 90 %

Amount of grant apporved for the registration of the trademark: EUR 675

Client saved: EUR 1485

"The whole process of the IP scan service from the personal interview to the subsequent administration of the grant and registration of the trademark went very smoothly in cooperation with SEDLAKOVA LEGAL. In the in-depth interview, they took great care to understand the nature of our product and business in detail so that they could design the ideal customized IP protection solution." Markéta Chalupníková, Tolgee

E-shop and helper for modern teachers Pedagogický diář

Pedagogický diář

Grant application approved: N/A (client came to us with an approved grant)

Amount of approved grant: EUR 1 500

Teaching is a demanding profession. Society as a whole places high demands on them, but at the same time they are burdened with paperwork, restrictions, and they are not always appreciated. To make education meaningful and easier for all teachers, Markéta Mrázová came up with an idea - to create a pedagogical diary. She has beautifully described the whole story of the idea on her website ↗.

Markéta Mrázová contacted us through our website, where she asked us about the already approved grant. We advised our client on the next steps and arranged for us to carry out the IP scan.

What we found: As part of the analysis of the business strategy and business model, we focused on the most important thing - the educational diary itself, which the client sells. The digital form of this diary was also part of the assessment. The analysis found that there were gaps in the contractual documentation between the client and the external suppliers responsible for the graphics and illustrations of the diary. These deficiencies could cause a major problem in the future when selling and marketing the diaries.

At the same time, we jointly developed a strategy on how to go about registering the trademark, as the term pedagogical diary is quite descriptive and registering such a trademark could be problematic.

IP scan cost: 900 EUR

Portion covered by the IP scan grant: 90 %

Client saved: 810 EUR

"Tereza Formanová's friendly and highly professional approach was exactly what I needed for my project. With care and patience I was guided through the entire process of the IP scan and the following steps required. However, thanks to this experience, I not only gained the necessary support for the IP scan and trademark registration process, but also trusted and understandable legal representatives for the future. Thank you, for your very pleasant cooperation and support". Markéta Mrázová, Pedagogický diář

Brain-training app Bemensa


Grant application approved: 19. 9. 2022

Amount of approved grant: EUR 1 500

You become a Mensa member if your IQ is in the top 2% of the world.

It may not be for everyone, but a well-trained brain is the basis for delivering stable performances, preventing civilization diseases or flexible thinking. This is what the Bemensa app ↗, the brainchild of Carolina Constant, can help with.

To our long-term client, we offered to perform an IP scan as we stood at the birth of the application, even with all the birth pains associated with the creation of a new project.

What we found: The client's primary language is English, so the entire IP scan, meetings, including all reports were conducted in English. We focused on the most important thing for further brand growth - the trademark. As part of the set strategy, we considered trademark registration as the biggest priority. At the same time, we focused on reviewing the terms and conditions in relation to Google Play and AppStore. This gave the client a precise layout of the strategy, according to the importance of how to proceed.

IP scan cost: 900 EUR

Portion covered by the IP scan grant: 90 %

Client saved: 810 EUR

The client can use the remaining amount to pay up to 75% of the trademark registration fee.

“The team at SL is everything you would expect from a first class legal firm and a bit more. Their communication in English in legal matters was excellent as well as their attention and advice. Peace of mind in a business is invaluable and yet, it came for almost no cost since SL arranged for the grant. I cannot recommend SL enough.” Carolina Constant, Bemensa

IP scan is about setting a strategy

For €90 you can get a vulnerability analysis. There are so many places to watch in IP that such a service for that amount of money just makes sense. Whether you're a small e-shop with an educational diary, a digital marketing agency or an app translation platform.

If you want to know how the grant process and the IP scan itself works, check out our Article ↗.

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