Analysis of rights and obligations

Payment institutions, electronic communications providers, public administrations, cloud computing providers or crisis infrastructure. Whatever your position, if you supply to any of the above, you are very likely to be subject to some rights and obligations under cyber security regulations.

We will help you get oriented, perform a basic audit and identify all responsibilities.

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We will evaluate, analyze and recommend
  • Basic information
  • How will we help you?

How will the cooperation work?

We can help you identify which requirements apply to your organisation.

In the first phase, we will evaluate your business:

  • what your services are,
  • who your typical (and atypical, but essential) customer is,
  • your size and connections with other companies.

It is the size of companies that is the decisive criterion for the assessment under the NIS 2 Directive.

Next, we'll walk you through a set of questions that will tell us where you stand on cybersecurity.


How will we help you?

We will prepare a clear report for you that will map the specific regulations and obligations that apply to your company in the area of cybersecurity.

We'll develop a recommended list of steps to achieve regulatory compliance, and we'll be happy to help you with the organizational security part - drafting internal documents, updating contract templates, training or supply chain management.

In case of you being *aaS solution providers, we will modify the contractual documentation and incorporate a set of specific security requirements so that you comply with both cybersecurity and data protection regulations or other regulatory areas.


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