Intellectual property law

We can help you protect your brand, know-how and creative output. Whether you direct and shoot videos, create graphic designs, write advertising texts, take photographs, prepare marketing analyses and strategies or simply want to protect your brand. Together with our clients, we develop strategies and documentation that will protect their brand, service and product. All this at a professional level, in all key markets of the world.

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Aktuálně EUIPO vypsalo grantový program, kterým lze ušetřit na registraci za ochranné známky

Víte o tom, že aktuálně můžete získat od EUIPO až 1 000 EUR na náklady za registraci ochranné známky a 900 EUR na provedení tzv. IP scanu? Více informací naleznete v tomto letáčku ↗

Why to protect intellectual property

Intellectual property is your brand/know-how

By protecting your intellectual property, you can effectively exploit the competitive advantages your brand and creations bring. We focus primarily on protecting software development companies' products, but we also have experience in providing legal assistance to artists and publishers.

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We write, lecture and talk a lot about intellectual property. Try looking at the following links:

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What we offer


We will advise you on how to ideally protect your brand and in what form it is appropriate to register and use it. We will look at whether your mark is available in your chosen market and then guide you through the whole process of registration and subsequent support in using your trademark.

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Trademark watching

Have you heard about trademark watching? We can control whether someone wants to register a similar trademark. And if they do, we will help you block the registration by opposing it or provide you with other services.

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Check of the name of your company

If you want to establish a company, our colleague Linda ↗ or Michaela ↗ will help you with it. When selecting a company name, we recommend to check whether the business name is available and does not infringe on the rights of another person (e.g., his/her trade name, trademark or unregistered name).

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Domain names

We also deal with domain name disputes - if someone registers your trademark or unregistered mark as a domain name, we will check whether they have the right to do so and suggest how to proceed.

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Infringement of intellectual property rights

We will investigate whether someone has infringed your intellectual property rights, whether you are the author, owner of a trademark, design, trade name or other right. If, on the other hand, you are on the other side and someone claims infringement of their rights, we will determine whether infringement has actually occurred and recommend the best strategy.

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Employees and development

We will prepare employee contract documentation and contracts with developers and other team members, ensuring maximum rights to the outputs.

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