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Software/IT law is our core legal discipline.  We are here for you both when you are creating or commissioning software. We can help you with development contracts, the *aaS solution or end-user license terms. We cooperate with a broad range of clients, from nuclear power ↗ plants or telecommunications authorities ↗ to small development studios. We also provide trainings on IT contracts. And if you are interested, you can read a handbook ↗ we have written about them.

We live and breathe IT law. And we understand your language. You do not have to worry about entrusting your know-how, business, and data to us. As IT law professionals we can take care of it all. Please contact us ↗. We will answer all your questions.

What can we help you with

Terms of use of the app

Do you run a mobile or web app and do you need to handle subscriptions and auto-renewals? Or perhaps, do you need help with the level of accessibility of the app and responsibility for user content?

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Software development contract

Agile or waterfall? Hybrid teams or body shopping? Framework or simple contract? With us all of these will be clear! And we will provide you with a clear and bulletproof contract too.

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License Terms, EULA

It is important not to forget to set rules for (dis)permitted uses of your copyright work. Also, you do not forget to consider the open source, standard components and third-party services.

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Software distribution

You are creating a partner network to launch a product in a new market. But how to grasp the relationship with your partners in the right way? Is it desirable to have a direct relationship with the customer or do you prefer a mediated one? And how can you set selling prices?

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Software maintenance and support (service)

Incidents, response times and requests. How to set them up properly? And also, how to set consequences of non-compliance? It is a critical issue for long-term software support.

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SLAs (service level agreement) should be in place for anyone who deals with SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other as a service solution. Even if the service is handled by a third-party subcontractor.

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IT Due diligence

An independent objective view and identification of potential IT risks. Whether you need a DD performed by us or you are being audited by yourself. You will not miss a thing thanks to our individual approach.

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Poaching of employees and contractors

When you first face the problem with poaching of employees and contractors by third parties, we are here for you. Because next time, you will be prepared. We have dealt with a no-poaching agreement before, and we know how to put implement it into your business in a fair and transparent way.

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Protection against hidden employment

Relationship between developers should be stipulated correctly. No one wants their cooperation to look as well-known “Švarc system” (hidden employment), as it is sanctioned by law. It is important to grasp correctly relationship between developer and supplier. Together we will set the rules so that you do not get into a similar situation ever again.

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Smlouva o spolupráci s OSVČ

Chcete mít dobře nastavený vztah s vývojáři, kteří nejsou vašimi zaměstnanci, ale dodávají vám na základě smlouvy o spolupráci? Rádi pro vás nachystáme smlouvu o spolupráci na míru.

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Spolupráce s influencery

Možná hledáte pro vás produkt nebo službu nové marketingové příležitosti a rozhodli jste se pro spolupráci s influencery. Podívejte se na to, jak chystáme smlouvu o spolupráci s influencery my.

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