Agreement with contractors

According to the definition of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the "Švarcsystém" is "illegal employment in the form of covering up a de facto employment relationship with another contract". Thus, no employer wants to have cooperation with workers meet the definition of a "Švarcsystém". Together we will set the rules of cooperation with contractors in order to minimize the risk of a "Švarcystém".

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Attention to conditions of dependent work

If you are working with a self-employed person (contractor), you must be careful that the cooperation does not qualify as dependent work. Dependent work is only possible on the basis of an employment contract (or on the basis of agreement to complete work/agreement to perform work). The conditions of dependent work are:

  • work that is performed in a relationship of superiority of the employer and subordination of the employee,
  • on behalf of the employer,
  • on the instructions of the employer and performed by the employee personally for the employer.

The above does not mean that you can never have a business contract with a self-employed person. You just need to know what to look out for.

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What does the contract cover?

For irregular, longer-term cooperation, a framework work contract is usually used.

Based on this, the contractor produces agreed upon deliverables (works) for the client, but the cooperation is flexible on an order-by-order basis.

The framework contract addresses the basic conditions of cooperation:

  • how orders are placed,
  • how the contractor's remuneration is calculated,
  • what rights the client has to the deliverables,
  • how the deliverables are handed over, how the contract is terminated etc. 


A description of how the collaboration will work and how much it should be fast and flexible or, on the contrary, formal and with a detailed description of all the conditions of the collaboration.


A framework contract that protects you from the "Švarcsystém" but does not close the door to functional business cooperation with contractors.

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