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You have reached the stage where your product is so successful that you need help getting it to the end customers. You're looking for partners, distributors, sales reps, but most importantly, answers to questions. What will the principle of selling the product be, will it be a distribution in the true sense of the word (the partner buys the goods from you and then resells them to the customer)? Or is it more of a dealership (the partner acquires customers for you and then you sell the goods directly to the customer)? How much are you expecting from the partner - will they handle customer support and compliance with local laws? And how can we set prices so as not to break competition rules?

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Distribuční smlouva
How to choose a distribution model


What questions to ask before we start working together?

  • Do you know the laws and regulations of the country where you want to provide products and services? Or should it be handled by a partner?
  • Do you have the capacity to fulfill customer contracts on your own? Or do you need assistance?
  • How do you want/can you control the price at which the products are to be provided?
  • Do you want to have a direct contractual relationship with the customer?
  • Is your customer satisfied with goods from a distributor or does he require sales directly from the manufacturer?
  • Do you have confidence in your partner to always act according to the contract and not to sell products underhand?


Distributor, partner or sales representative?

Each distribution model is specific and has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you only need to find a salesperson, other times you are looking for a full-fledged partner that provides customer support ↗ with everything. So it's impossible to say that either approach is right or wrong. But you need to choose the one that best suits your needs. And because the myriad of variations of partner relationships can be difficult to navigate, you should initiate them with discernment.

You know what you're looking for. And we'll help you find it. We'll ask the questions that will point you in the right direction. We'll break down the assumptions and consequences of each decision with you so you know what you're getting into. Is it a priority for you to limit your liability to customers? We know how to do it. Do you want to set specific terms for providing product to customers? We'll contractually address them. Do you need to control end prices? We'll discuss with you what pricing arrangements are permissible and what may already be over the line. Because you know what you want. And we know how to do it.

How can we help you
Distribution agreement
  • Basic information
  • What agreement includes?
  • What do we need?
  • What do you get?

We get your products out into the world

Whether you're looking for help drafting a distribution, partnership or other agreement, or just need a consultation to choose the right model, we're here for you.

We've had several satisfied partners that we've helped get their products out into the world. We have extensive experience in contract negotiations and know where the biggest risks are and can even advise you on how to optimize your business.

Price: from 25 000 CZK + VAT

What can a contract help with?

The contract regulates the principles and procedures for selling and marketing your products and finding new opportunities for cooperation. It takes into account regulatory requirements, international overlap and other specifics of your product. It also considers customer support and problem solving - after all, a happy customer is the foundation of everything.

And that's our motto.

  • Clarifies responsibility for compliance with local regulations
  • Sets the terms and conditions for orders, approvals and sales
  • Enables you to control the terms and conditions of final deliveries
  • Sets the price at which products are to be provided
  • Puts the terms of the partnership programme in place - KPIs, volume discounts, partnership levels, etc.

Where to start?

Describe your ideas for a distribution model to us. What activities do you want to keep under your control and what activities would you like to leave to a partner. For example, do you know where the distribution will take place?  And what are the specifics of the local market?

Once we have your idea, we will take the initiative. We'll start asking you questions that will point you in the right direction. We'll discuss the assumptions and implications of each decision with you so you know what you're getting into. And so that nothing surprises you.

What does our output look like?

We'll provide you with a clear and simply written distribution agreement that you and your partners will understand. The contract will hold you up in all respects, so you can get on with the business and not get bogged down with the legal aspects. We will provide you with insight into the legal issues involved (GDPR, liability, tax) with the option to consult and incorporate these into the contract documentation.

You will also receive explanations and tips from us for the correct use of the contract in the future. And above all, you will get a reliable partner for negotiating individual terms and conditions for specific partners.

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"We'll set up a distribution agreement to suit your business."

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