Processing of personal data

The GDPR distinguishes between 2 terms - controller and processor of personal data. In very simple terms, the data controller is the one who decides what will be processed, how it will be done and what means will be used to do it. However, the controller is often unable to ensure all processing activities itself, so outsourcing is done. For example, the controller does not have servers to store personal data. Or it does not have the staff capacity to handle the accounting internally. Therefore, they turn to cloud providers, storage providers, external accountants, use external CRM systems, etc. These providers are so caller personal data processors and data processing agreement should be concluded.

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Data processing agreement
  • Basic information
  • What the data processing agreement includes?
  • What do we need?
  • What do you get?

Data processing agreement

In order to use a processor, however. the controller must conclude a so-called processing agreement.

The processing contract sets out what the processor can do with the data, how long they can process it, or what other obligations they have.

Price for preparation: from 12 000 CZK + VAT

What the data processing agreement deals with?

The processing agreement regulates:

  • What personal data will be processed
  • Why and how the processing will be carried out
  • The duration of the processing of personal data
  • The rights and obligations of the data controller
  • The rights and obligations of the processor of the personal data
  • Other elements contained in Article 28 GDPR

What do we need?

In order for us to prepare a processing agreement for you, we first need to clarify:

  • What activities do you perform, or what activities do you require the processor to perform for you
  • What personal data you will process/will be processed and why
  • Who else will be involved in the processing process
  • Where the processor is located
  • How the cooperation with the processor is terminated
  • Other information relating to the specific processing relationship

What do you get?

You will receive a clear processing contract that will always protect you as much as possible. The processing contract contains provisions that cannot be modified, but we will always inform you which parts are affected and what the limits of modification are.

The processing contract is also a good tool for any further contractual negotiations. We have vast experience with what the standard contractual arrangements are in IT law, so we are able to set everything up so that the processing contract is as tailored to your business as possible.

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