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"He got a website, but people were visiting it." A paraphrase of a famous play by Jara Cimrman. Contrary to this play, lots of people is the dream of all website or app operators. Unlike a pub, users may not be immediately visible at first glance. That's why web marketing wizards rely on various tools to help them spot them all. These tools work in the vast majority of cases by using cookies.

As of January 1, 2022, visitor tracking can be some serious chemistry. That's because consent is now required for any cookies that aren't necessary. And that goes even for Google Analytics, for example.

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A well-set cookie bar can work
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  • Why do you need cookie bar?
  • What not to forget?
  • Correct setting of cookies
  • What do you get?

We can help you set up a cookie bar that no one will reject. We can adapt to your language and the way you want marketers to approach the cookie bar. We also have a lot of experience in marketing specifically, so we understand that even a more formal text can attract more approvals as a result.

However, the bottom line is to keep everything on the nose in terms of the law. And we can do that!

Price for our services: from 10 000 CZK + VAT

Why do you need the cookie bar?

Section 89 of the Electronic Communications Act states that, for example, only information that is necessary for the provision of information society services may be stored (or taken) on terminal equipment without the user's consent. Unfortunately, none of the tools that measure traffic, efficiency or provide marketing fall into this category. Thus, properly, a web page/application should load without turning on any tool. Only after the user has (somehow) consented to the cookies can cookies be stored on the end device.

Today's websites/apps handle this via a cookie bar, a "window" that pops up for the user to grant/refuse consent. Once consent is clicked, the individual scripts/cookies that the user has agreed to are then executed. Sites/apps that do not address this are in violation of the above law and yes, there is a penalty.

However, that doesn't have to be the worst of it. If you don't address this issue, you may get picked on by competitors or have your reputation damaged.

What to remember about cookies?

Just do not forget that if you have multiple tools on your site for different purposes, you need to split consent for each purpose separately. This way, the user can choose whether they agree to analytics cookies, marketing cookies or preference cookies. The cookies are then triggered according to the consent the user has chosen to give.

Also remember that you can't force the user into consent, so no bars across the page with words: "Consent or go elsewhere." It should certainly not be the case that consent is conditional on, for example, scrolling down the page, or simply saying, "By viewing this page, you agree to the use of cookies." All of these mischiefs are against the law and would not stand up to scrutiny.

What will we need from you to set cookies correctly?

In order for us to set up all the documentation correctly and assess whether your technical solution is sufficient, we need:

  • A description of the tools you use on the website/application
  • Ideally also a listing of the individual cookies as you navigate through the website/application
  • A description of what you use each tool for
  • How you want to handle the cookie bar (free tools, custom-made cookie bar)
  • Other information that arises from the above

What do you get?

Above all, certainty. Confidence that your cookies are OK on your website/app. We will provide you with a clear text explaining everything that concerns cookies so that the wording is in line with the law and case law. We will provide you with an assessment of whether your technical solution for obtaining consent is OK and whether the wording in the cookie bar is OK.

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