Purchase agreement? Or a donation? No problem!

Need to sell a property? Or donate? Or are you on the other side and facing an important moment in your life - buying a house?

We are aware that any property disposal is a big step for both sellers and buyers. That's why we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for them, so that everything goes as they wish and without any hassles.

We always prepare a tailor-made contract for our clients in which we reflect their requirements. At the same time, we advise our clients and, if we are convinced that their requirements do not sufficiently protect their interests, we propose solutions that will make the entire transaction as secure as possible against potential problems. We will ensure that the whole transaction is secured so that you do not have to deal with the different parts of the transaction in different places.

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We will prepare a purchase or donation agreement for you

The price is mainly influenced by whether we will represent you before the Land Registry, whether we will perform the escrow and also by the type of contract. Therefore, a donation contract without representation will always be cheaper than a purchase agreement with attorney escrow and representation in the land registry proceedings.

Price for preparation: CZK 5 000 – 10 000 + VAT

Our services do not end with the contract

First and foremost, we will set expectations and requirements with you as part of the service. Often the client knows they want to sell the property and for how much but may no longer have enough information on how best to secure the process so that they don't end up with no property and no money.

Once we have clarified the essential points of the contract, we will prepare a draft, which we will consult with you and then adjust with you and the other party until both parties are satisfied and the text is ready for signing. Of course, we provide verification of signatures.

We also provide securing of the deal by means of a attorney's escrow. There are very few cases where we would recommend you conclude a purchase agreement without an escrow and therefore it can be considered a regular part of the contract.

We also regularly deal with representation before the Land Registry, so even if nothing else, it saves you at least a trip to the Land Registry or postage. The processing of the application for registration is then a given.

Keep an eye on the price, the rest is up to us

We'll always need identification of the property, preferably with the ownership certificate, but the address is also sufficient, and we'll get the ownership certificate ourselves. The price is another essential element in the case of a purchase agreement. There are many issues we can help you with, but we don't like to be involved in price negotiations.

We will ask you essential questions to prepare the contract so that we can deliver a proposal that is basically complete. In the form, for example, we ask whether the purchase will be financed by a mortgage and whether the property being sold will be mortgaged for this reason, we address the handover date or the date for the payment of money if we will also be providing attorney's escrow services.

If we provide escrow, we will also need information from you related to AML, anti-money laundering measures.

Other documents are very specific and only apply in certain situations. For example, a geometric plan, that will be needed when only part of the property is sold, or a quantification of the debt secured by a mortgage, if this will be paid from the purchase price.

Clear and transparent purchase/donation agreement

You will always receive a finished contract from us that will be successful in front of the Land Registry.

Depending on the scope of the agreed services, the application for the registration, the security associated with the attorney's escrow and the time saved on the trip to the post office to verify the signatures. And, of course, if the contracts are signed in our office, you will receive coffee, tea or water.

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