Qualification agreement

Educating employees is important. It deepens their work experience, opens new doors and, most importantly, enables the company to develop further. So, every employer should not forget to invest sufficiently in the training of their employees. But how can we protect ourselves from speculative employees who would like to use education to their advantage? We have a solution - a qualification agreement.

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Qualification agreement

If you are investing more heavily in employee development, a qualification agreement may be useful. Basically, it's about allowing the employee to increase or deepen their qualifications, and the employee commits to staying in the company for a certain period of time or reimbursing a portion of the costs incurred.

Price: from CZK 8 500 + VAT.

The basic terms of the agreement

The agreement deals with the basic conditions of investment in employee qualifications:

  • what qualifications are involved,
  • what costs are borne by the employee,
  • how long the employee will remain in employment, or
  • what amount he/she will reimburse the employer if the employment relationship is terminated early.

What do we need?

To prepare the qualifying agreement we will need:

  • A description of how the employee's qualifications will be developed,
  • what costs the employer incurs in connection with it,
  • how long the employee is expected to remain in employment,
  • other information that is specific to your employee training.


A qualification agreement that protects your significant investment in the employee's development and ensures that you can recover a proportion of the costs incurred should the employee decide to leave early.

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