Lease Agreement

Eurosat has published that approximately 21% of people in the Czech Republic live in rented accommodation (as of 2020). The basis of living in rented accommodation is a well-set lease agreement. This applies for both parties, the landlord and the tenant. We will be happy to help you with the preparation of the contract.

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  • Basic information
  • What we will need of you
  • What you will get from us

Basic information on the lease agreement

In the lease agreement, the landlord and the tenant should define in particular the amount of rent, deposits, rights and obligations of both parties, methods of termination of the lease, etc. When preparing a lease agreement, we make sure that we always set up the contractual relationship according to your needs. Whether you are the tenant or the landlord.

Price: starting at 3 500 CZK + VAT


What will be needed of you?

We will need from you a basic identification of the property in which the tenancy will be located, information about the rent and other services, information about the method of payment, the purpose of the tenancy and other specifics that apply to your particular case (number of people in the tenancy, possibility of subletting, security deposit, etc.).


A clear tenancy agreement that reflects your requirements and the risks that may arise from the tenancy.

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