Revision of contract documentation

We are often approached by clients claiming that they have been presented with a draft contract by the other party. In such cases, we conduct a thorough review of the contract and also warn the client of any risks and their possible consequences if they are not addressed. At the same time, however, we approach the revisions sensitively and also assess the level of risk involved so as not to discourage the purchase or sale. On the other hand, if we believe that a trade is not sufficiently safe for the client and the other party does not respond to our suggestions to improve safety, we will always make this clear to the client so that they have sufficient information to make an informed decision.

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Revize smluvní dokumentace


We will be happy to help you with the revision of the contract documentation. During the revisions, we naturally communicate with the other party to achieve a result that is acceptable to both them and you, and we do not try to hinder the implementation of the deal by formal changes to the documentation, which do not affect the content of the contract and its security.

When you decide to review the contract documentation:
  • Price
  • What will we solve for you?
  • What will we need?
  • What will you get?

Price for revision of contract documentation

In the case of revisions of contract documentation, the price is set according the hourly rate, as there is a difference between revising a short donation contract and a purchase contract for the sale of an office building.

However, we will always tell you a fixed price for the revision before we start the work, so you will always know where you stand.

Contract documentation you don't have to worry about

The goal is to have a contract at the end that even though it has been prepared by the opposite side, you don't have to be afraid to sign. Therefore, we always point out the risks of the original wording, which we will also assess for you according to their degree, from the most serious to the most minor.

After the risk assessment, we will sit down with you and discuss which risks are acceptable and where adjustments need to be made. Don't worry, we don't just "chuck" the decision at you, we will always give you a recommendation.

We then send the contract back to the drafter (with revisions and comments to speed up the process) and then work with you to negotiate the best possible compromise until the contract is approved.

Especially the contractual documentation you want to revise

We can't do without the contract you want to revise. If the contract contains attachments, we will need these from you as well. Many people think that the attachments aren't important, but the opposite is often true and revising a contract without documenting the attachments is very dangerous.

We will also need your opinion on the individual risks of the contract so that we can best tailor it to your expectations.

Safety and security

A revised contract that you don't have to worry about causing you more problems than benefits in the future. However, we are also not afraid to advise you not to sign the contract if the other party does not agree to revisions that eliminate the most significant risks of the whole deal.

So if we believe the contract is not secure enough, we will tell you.

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