Barbora Blaškovičová

Intellectual Property Law Software law

Law initially attracted me because of its internal order and definiteness. Everything cleanly and clearly stated. Now my previous thoughts just make me smile. To interpret the law and apply it, it is necessary to know much more than just what the law says. A good lawyer must not only be well read and open to new approaches and perspectives, but also be a good psychologist and a good communicator. 

After an internship in an international law firm in Latvia, I joined the so-called Big Four, where I focused on Labour law and forensic investigations in major Czech and European companies. Gradually, however, the everpresent software started to get to me and I fell for the opportunity to be part of progress and new technologies. To participate in the matter from the perspective of both those who use software for their own use and those who create it.

And it was this focus that led me to SEDLAK'S LEGAL. A firm that has been repeatedly awarded in the category of information technology law and has had a number of satisfied clients who highlight not only the knowledge and experience of its team, but also its fresh and human approach.

What I do in the office:

  • IT and software law
  • Software sale and development contracts
  • Intellectual property law
  • Trademarks
Words and ideas can change world.
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