Medical law

Medical law is about the intersection of many disciplines, not only law and medicine, but also ethics or technology. Whether you provide outpatient, same-day or inpatient care, you need to have the right permits, well-set up contracts and other documentation. We're here to help you turn health care regulations into a competitive advantage. We have experience in non-material damages litigation, and we can set up the right relationships with patients, relationships between health care providers, or relationships with insurance companies. Whether you run a private medical practice or a hospital, our Medical law team has the experience needed to help.

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What services do we offer

Purchase, transfer, and establishment of medical practice

Are you setting up a dental practice, starting a GP service or looking to open a specialized practice? Do you know what you need to set up but are getting lost in the amount of paperwork? Or do you want to buy an existing practice from someone and are at a loss as to where to start? Our Medical law team has handled many transfers, purchases and establishment of practices and can ensure a smooth process from the very start to a successful finish for you.

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Lease, sale and closing of a medical practice

Have you decided to hand over your practice to a new generation? Or are you looking for someone to help you set up the ideal conditions for renting your practice while you devote your time to your family? Whatever the medical facility, we know how to properly maintain its continued operation. In fact, we know very well that building a functioning practice is no easy feat, and we're happy to help you hand over everything so that your facility continues to function in the hands of new doctors.

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Proper maintenance of medical records

Medical documentation is an integral and very important part of any medical facility. The content is regulated by the Decree on medical documentation, which also regulates the scope of keeping such documentation, its requirements, and rules. Whether you are a general practitioner, a dentist, a plastic surgeon or have any other specialty, you must keep medical documentation correctly, as it is a key area of your practice.

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Disputes in the healthcare sector

No doctor wants to be in this situation. However, it is a common occurrence in the operation of a medical practice. Do you know what to do if there is a complaint or even a lawsuit? We have years of experience with litigations in the healthcare sector, both domestic and cross-border.

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Training and lectures in the field of Medical law

Having practiced Medical law for many years, we are familiar with the issues that accompany the operation of a medical facility, have hands-on experience with what answers managers need and what areas employees need to know.

We will train the responsible staff in professional issues such as the legal conception of emergencies or broader lege artis procedures, but also in operational matters such as employment law, proper maintenance of medical records, how to handle patient data, proper communication with patients and new developments in the healthcare sector. We will prepare a tailor-made training or lecture for you.

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